Ludlow Food Festival

'Meet the Brewer'

Just £2 ENTRY

On Friday 12th May the ‘Festival Pub' will be open from 5pm so come in and explore more than 200 real ales while taking a rare opportunity to chat to some top local beer masters about their work.

It will be open from 5pm, so feel free to come on in and explore as many of our real ales as you can manage. Local beer masters will be on hand and they’ll be happy to answer your questions about their work.

Brewers from some of the biggest names in the region, including Hobsons, Corvedale, Brecon Brewery, Wye Valley, Ludlow Brewery and more will share the secrets behind your favourite tipple. You’ll not only be able to sample the huge selection of beers – you’ll also be able to find out when they were brewed, what ingredients went into them and why they developed their characteristic flavours.

Great music will be played throughout the Friday evening session, to make sure you’re entertained while you drink; it's worth noting at this point that when its gone, it's gone.