Ludlow Food Festival

Know your beers

Here is a quick explanation to the different beers and to help to get your taste buds in tune:


Heavily hopped beer and the most common type of ale.

Pale Ale

Medium-gravity bottled ale.

Brown Ale

Bottled, lightly hopped and rather sweet mild ale.

IPA, or India Pale Ale

Originally made for export to British troops stationed in India. It is a strong, light-coloured, bottled beer.

Old or Winter Ale

A high gravity and full flavoured beer sold during the winter months.


A lightly hopped beer, often dark in colour and usually low strength – a great afternoon pint.


A British term for a bottom fermented beer made with malt and hops different to most domestic bitters.

Light Ale

Low-gravity bottled ale. Scottish light ales are usually darker.


A medium-strength beer, usually light in colour.


A dark and sweetish, but strongly hopped beer.


Originally known as stout porter, stout is usually a very dark, heavy and well-hopped, rather dry tasting beer with a creamy head. Some varieties were known as milk stout because they contained lactose, a sugar derived