Ludlow Food Festival

BC Brewing & pub CoSix Bells

Cloud Nine

ABV 4.0

LOOK: light golden

AROMA: lemony background

TASTE: refreshing bitter - lemony

Boss Brewing Company

Boss Brett

ABV 5.0

LOOK: pale amber effervescent

AROMA: earthy apricot pepper/cloves

TASTE: fruity-estery earthy/herbal spice

Bragdy Twt Lol ~ The Trefforest Brewery


ABV 4.6

LOOK: light pale blonde

AROMA: fruity mango blueberry

TASTE: sweet blueberry tropical

Clun Brewery


ABV 4.3

LOOK: pale straw clear

AROMA: floral fruity

TASTE: juicy floral refreshing

Corvedale Brewery

Ale Of Odin

ABV 4.2

LOOK: deep gold

AROMA: fruity floral zesty

TASTE: sweet fruity smooth

Gloucester Brewery

Spring Deity

ABV 4.5

LOOK: hazy pale gold

AROMA: spice clove herbs

TASTE: refreshing crisp spicy

Heavy Industry Brewing Ltd

Pigeon Toed Orange Peel

ABV 5.2

LOOK: hazy orange

AROMA: cloves pears pineapple

TASTE: freshly squeezed oranges

Mumbles Brewery Ltd


ABV 4.8

LOOK: deep pale orange

AROMA: apricot citrus

TASTE: apricot fruity

Pershore Brewery Ltd

Elder May

ABV 3.8

LOOK: light golden

AROMA: floral

TASTE: dry crisp floral

Purple Moose Brewery

Elderflower Ale

ABV 4.0

LOOK: pale golden straw

AROMA: lemon floral pineapple

TASTE: dry sweet elderflower

Salopian Brewery


ABV 5.1

LOOK: orange

AROMA: blood orange medely

TASTE: orange

Stonehouse Brewery Limited


ABV 4.2

LOOK: cloudy, pale

AROMA: lemon citrus spice

TASTE: refreshing citrus coriander

Stroud Brewery


ABV 4.3

LOOK: pale golden polished

AROMA: citrus hint pine

TASTE: rounded citrus finish

Tomos a Lilford


ABV 4.8

LOOK: gold

AROMA: rosemary meets beer

TASTE: ginger honey rosemary