Ludlow Food Festival

Bespoke Brewing Co.

Golden Rule

ABV 4.0

LOOK: clear golden lively

AROMA: lemon lime grapefruit

TASTE: smooth refreshing

Bragdy Twt Lol ~ The Trefforest Brewery

T?ti Ffr?ti

ABV 4.0

LOOK: blonde light pale

AROMA: fruity grapefruit mango

TASTE: bitter hoppy grapefruit

Castles Brewery Ltd

Court Jester

ABV 3.8

LOOK: pale golden

AROMA: tropical fruits

TASTE: blueberry fruity sweet

Gloucester Brewery

Gloucester Gold

ABV 3.9

LOOK: clear golden

AROMA: luscious tropical fruit

TASTE: crisp fruity bitter

Grey Trees Brewery


ABV 4.2

LOOK: very pale

AROMA: distinctive hop aroma

TASTE: individual character zesty

Heavy Industry Brewing Ltd

Diawl Bach

ABV 3.8

LOOK: pale golden

AROMA: citrus tropical floral

TASTE: bitter citrus tropical

Joules Brewery

Joules Pure Blonde

ABV 3.8

LOOK: light golden

AROMA: citrus tropical fruit

TASTE: fresh crisp hoppy

Ludlow Brewing Co Ltd


ABV 4.0

LOOK: pale golden ale

AROMA: lemon citrus

TASTE: balanced crisp citrus

Magic Dragon Brewing

American Dragon

ABV 4.2

LOOK: golden pale clean

AROMA: citrus hoppy floral

TASTE: complex citrus hoppy

Mantle Brewery


ABV 4.3

LOOK: pale

AROMA: fruity floral citrus

TASTE: dry malty citrus

Mumbles Brewery Ltd

Hop Kick

ABV 4.0

LOOK: pale blonde

AROMA: floral

TASTE: crisp fruity

Prescott Ales

Spring Hoppy Ale

ABV 4.0

LOOK: pale light

AROMA: citrus refreshing

TASTE: balanced light

Rowton Brewery

Big Bang Blonde

ABV 4.0

LOOK: blonde

AROMA: citrus hoppy

TASTE: citrus hoppy

Salopian Brewery


ABV 4.0

LOOK: deep gold

AROMA: fresh

TASTE: vibrant rich hoppy

Severn Brewing Ltd

Double Hopped

ABV 4.2

LOOK: sparkling clear blonde

AROMA: fresh crisp hops

TASTE: fresh crisp hops

Stonehouse Brewery Limited


ABV 4.0

LOOK: sparkling pale straw

AROMA: tropical citrus hop

TASTE: juicy tropical hops

Stroud Brewerys


ABV 3.4

LOOK: golden foamy polished

AROMA: hoppy citrus peachy

TASTE: mouthfeel sweet hoppy

Swan Brewery

Swan Love

ABV 4.0

LOOK: bright pale love-ly

AROMA: mango citrus

TASTE: tropical fruit apricot spice

Tenby Brewing Co

Son of a Beach

ABV 4.2

LOOK: pale clear amber

AROMA: hops tropical pineapple

TASTE: fruit pineapple bitter

The Untapped Brewing Company


ABV 4.2

LOOK: straw extra pale

AROMA: grassy citrus fresh

TASTE: zesty refreshing hoppy

Wood Brewery

Born N Bred

ABV 3.8

LOOK: golden

AROMA: floral grapefruit peach

TASTE: tropical fruit hoppiness

Wye Valley Brewery Ltd

Hereford Pale Ale

ABV 4.0

LOOK: yellow straw

AROMA: honey citrus tropical fruits

TASTE: grapefruit zesty sweet