Ludlow Food Festival

Bewdley Brewery


ABV 4.2

LOOK: pale golden sharp

AROMA: fresh citrus

TASTE: lemongrass limezest tropical fruits

Bluestone Brewing Company

Summer Rocks

ABV 4.5

LOOK: pale clear white-head

AROMA: citrus tropical biscuit

TASTE: citrus tropical fruity

Bragdy Twt Lol ~ The Trefforest Brewery

Pewin Ynfytyn ~ Crazy Peacock

ABV 4.8

LOOK: golden darker pale

AROMA: fruity dry earthy

TASTE: grapefruit bitter hoppy

Brecon Brewing

Red Beacons

ABV 5.0

LOOK: red

AROMA: citrus spice

TASTE: intense hoppy

Brew Monster

Tiamat IPA

ABV 5.0

LOOK: clear golden

AROMA: floral citrus spices

TASTE: complex biscuity caramel

Brewhouse and Kitchen Cardiff


ABV 5.0

LOOK: golden hazy fresh

AROMA: malty hoppy sweet

TASTE: hoppy citrus bitter

Bullmastiff Brewery Ltd

Top Dog Pale Ale

ABV 4.6

LOOK: clean light refreshing

AROMA: crisp fresh fruity

TASTE: light smooth refreshing

Cotswold Lion Brewery

Golden Fleece

ABV 4.4

LOOK: golden

AROMA: citrus grapefruit floral

TASTE: citrus grapefruit floral

Gloucester Brewery

Session IPA

ABV 4.5

LOOK: hazy amber gold

AROMA: juicy tropical fruit

TASTE: resinous full bodied

Gower Brewery Company Limited


ABV 5.1

LOOK: pale straw

AROMA: citrus malt floral

TASTE: citrus melon honey

Grey Trees Brewery

Afghan Pale Ale

ABV 5.4

LOOK: amber pale

AROMA: hoppy distinctive

TASTE: dry crisp bitter

Harbwr Brewery Tenby

Caldey Lollipop

ABV 4.5

LOOK: golden light copper

AROMA: citrus pine caramel

TASTE: grapefruit herbal sweet

Heavy Industry Brewing Ltd


ABV 4.5

LOOK: yellow

AROMA: citrus tropical fruit

TASTE: balanced hoppy fruity

Hillside Brewery

Legend Of Hillside

ABV 4.7

LOOK: deep gold

AROMA: orange honey earthy

TASTE: orange honey spicy

Hop & Stagger Brewery

Triple Hop IPA

ABV 5.0

LOOK: pale bright

AROMA: mid hop nose

TASTE: balanced hop character

Hurns Brewing Company


ABV 4.8

LOOK: light golden ale

AROMA: citrus mandarin apricot

TASTE: citrus mandarin apricot

Ludlow Brewing Co Ltd


ABV 5.0

LOOK: honey gold ale

AROMA: grassy citrus floral

TASTE: sharp sweet

Mumbles Brewery Ltd

Triple Hop Pale

ABV 4.7

LOOK: pale

AROMA: floral citrus

TASTE: complex fruity

Pershore Brewery Ltd

Pershore Pale Ale

ABV 4.5

LOOK: light amber

AROMA: citrus buscuit

TASTE: rounded honey

Rowton Brewery

Area 51

ABV 5.1

LOOK: pale shiny

AROMA: fruity floral hoppy

TASTE: sweet light

Salopian Brewery


ABV 4.5

LOOK: rich gold

AROMA: zing citrus tropical

TASTE: citrus balanced dry bitterness

Severn Brewing Ltd

Golden IPA

ABV 4.5

LOOK: clear golden

AROMA: fruity citrus hoppy

TASTE: crisp citrus hoppy

Stroud Brewerys

Hop Drop

ABV 4.5

LOOK: light straw

AROMA: hoppy citrus pine

TASTE: hoppy sweet citrus

Teme Valley Brewery

Talbot Blonde

ABV 4.4

LOOK: golden

AROMA: floral hops

TASTE: bitter refreshing

Tenby Brewing Co


ABV 4.7

LOOK: pale straw clear

AROMA: lemon lime grass

TASTE: citrus hops balanced

The Hop Shed


ABV 4.8

LOOK: pale golden

AROMA: zesty pink grapefruit

TASTE: passion fruit grapefruit

Tomos a Lilford


ABV 5.0

LOOK: pale

AROMA: hop stone fruit

TASTE: dry bitter fruity

VOG Brewery LTD

Lady Liberty

ABV 4.8

LOOK: deep golden pale

AROMA: tropical citrus earthy

TASTE: juicy bitter full-bodied