Ludlow Food Festival

Bewdley Brewery

Sir Keith Park

ABV 4.5

LOOK: pale straw

AROMA: citrus fruits hops

TASTE: citrus notes floral bittersweet

Boss Brewing Company

Boss Blaze

ABV 4.5

LOOK: pale gold

AROMA: citrus pineapple grapefruit

TASTE: orange honey refreshing

Brewhouse and Kitchen Gloucester

Down A Peg

ABV 4.5

LOOK: clear reddish amber

AROMA: rich malty figs

TASTE: smooth nutty cinder-toffee

Corvedale Brewery


ABV 4.5

LOOK: deep gold

AROMA: hoppy malty

TASTE: floral hop light spice dry

Cotswold Lion Brewery

Drover's Return

ABV 5.0

LOOK: dark ruby

AROMA: spice malt citrus

TASTE: malty spice lemon

Glamorgan Brewing Company

Jemimas Pitchfork

ABV 4.5

LOOK: briliant crisp golden

AROMA: citrus pear melon

TASTE: resinous hops grass

Gloucester Brewery

West Coast Red

ABV 4.8

LOOK: hazy amber brown

AROMA: bold spicy floral

TASTE: Full-bodied fruity bitter

Gower Brewery Company Limited

Gower Power

ABV 5.5

LOOK: amber

AROMA: hedgerow fruits

TASTE: rich malty sweet

Harbwr Brewery Tenby

RFA Sir Galahad

ABV 4.6

LOOK: deep ruby red

AROMA: floral fruity malt

TASTE: sweet malt floral

Heavy Industry Brewing Ltd


ABV 5.0

LOOK: deep bronze

AROMA: liquorice malt hops

TASTE: refreshing bitter hoppy

Hillside Brewery


ABV 4.9

LOOK: deep red

AROMA: carame toffee boozy

TASTE: caramel toffee rich

Hobsons Brewery

Town Crier

ABV 4.5

LOOK: straw gold body cream-white head

AROMA: fruity earthy hop

TASTE: modest sweetness savoury little tart with full bitterness

Ludlow Brewing Co Ltd

Boiling Well

ABV 4.7

LOOK: auburn chestnut brown

AROMA: autumn fruits grassy

TASTE: sherry full bodied

Magic Dragon Brewing

Eyton Bitter

ABV 4.5

LOOK: dark amber clean

AROMA: malty

TASTE: malty complex sweet

Mantle Brewery


ABV 5.8

LOOK: deep amber

AROMA: blackcurrant spice grapefruit

TASTE: malty fruity dry

Mumbles Brewery Ltd

Red Dragon

ABV 4.6

LOOK: copper red ale

AROMA: subtle malt hops

TASTE: malty bitter

North Cotswold Brewery Limited


ABV 4.5

LOOK: golden

AROMA: vibrant hoppy grapefuit

TASTE: citrus sweet

Prescott Ales

Grand prix

ABV 5.2

LOOK: dark crystal

AROMA: sweet fruity

TASTE: rich smooth strong

Salopian Brewery


ABV 5.7

LOOK: golden

AROMA: green fields

TASTE: fresh floral

Stroud Brewerys


ABV 4.5

LOOK: light golden polished

AROMA: citrus sweet hoppy

TASTE: sweet malty balanced

Tenby Brewing Co

Hang Ten

ABV 4.6

LOOK: red clean copper

AROMA: citrus malt roast

TASTE: citrus hops bitter

Wood Brewery

Shropshire Lad

ABV 4.5

LOOK: burnished chestnut

AROMA: hints wild berries

TASTE: malty bittersweet finish

Wye Valley Brewery Ltd

Butty Bach

ABV 4.5

LOOK: burnished gold

AROMA: malty fruity rich

TASTE: sweet smooth full body