Ludlow Food Festival

Bespoke Brewing Co.

Kings Shilling

ABV 4.2

LOOK: deep dark rich

AROMA: nutty caramel toffee

TASTE: malty dry

Brecon Brewing

Dark Beacons

ABV 3.8

LOOK: dark brown

AROMA: smooth toffee

TASTE: roasted yet refreshing

Corvedale Brewery

Dark and Delicious

ABV 4.4

LOOK: ruby

AROMA: smokey coffee fruity

TASTE: smokey creamy roast coffee

Grey Trees Brewery

Modern mild

ABV 3.7

LOOK: rich warming dark

AROMA: fruity coffee chocolate

TASTE: subtle chocolate zesty

Hillside Brewery

Over The Hill

ABV 3.5

LOOK: black cherry edge

AROMA: chocolate coffee roast

TASTE: chocolate rich smooth

Hobsons Brewery

Champion Mild

ABV 3.2

LOOK: rosewood dark

AROMA: roasted coffee chocolate hints of nuts

TASTE: creamy roasted modestly sweet

Mumbles Brewery Ltd

Oystermouth Stout

ABV 4.4

LOOK: silky dark

AROMA: slightly burnt

TASTE: hint of sea

North Cotswold Brewery Limited

Moreton Mild

ABV 3.8

LOOK: dark reddish glow

AROMA: vanilla roasted smokey

TASTE: rich smooth chocolate

Prescott Ales

Winter Ruby Stout

ABV 4.2

LOOK: dark creamy

AROMA: sweet fresh

TASTE: balanced

Salopian Brewery

Divine Comedy

ABV 3.9

LOOK: dark

AROMA: chocolate rich malty

TASTE: chocolate rich fruity

Stonehouse Brewery Limited


ABV 4.4

LOOK: black

AROMA: chocolate coffee vanilla

TASTE: smooth coffee caramel

Stroud Brewerys

Tom Long

ABV 3.8

LOOK: copper deep amber

AROMA: citrus malty sweet

TASTE: sweet malty citrus

Tomos a Lilford


ABV 4.0

LOOK: black

AROMA: ozone

TASTE: chocolate coffee savoury

VOG Brewery LTD

Dark Matter

ABV 4.4

LOOK: black as night

AROMA: fruity rich liquorice

TASTE: fruit coffee chocolate