Ludlow Food Festival

BC Brewing & pub CoSix Bells

Ow Do

ABV 4.0

LOOK: auburn clear

AROMA: fruity aromatics

TASTE: rounded complex satisfying

Bespoke Brewing Co.

Running the Gauntlet

ABV 4.4

LOOK: chestnut rich clear

AROMA: blackcurrant spicy herbal

TASTE: bitter fruity malty

Bewdley Brewery

Worcestershire Way

ABV 3.6

LOOK: straw sharp sparkle

AROMA: floral citrus dryfinish

TASTE: earthy clean crisp

Big Hand Brewing Co Ltd


ABV 3.9

LOOK: ruby

AROMA: hoppy

TASTE: balanced

Bluestone Brewing Company

Bedrock Blonde

ABV 4.0

LOOK: clear straw white-head

AROMA: earthy herbal floral

TASTE: sweet herbal soft-malt

Boss Brewing Company

Let the dragon roar

ABV 4.0

LOOK: tawny caramel gold

AROMA: rose tangarine grapefruit

TASTE: marmalade mandarin biscuit-base

Bragdy Twt Lol ~ The Trefforest Brewery


ABV 4.0

LOOK: copper amber bitter

AROMA: sweet malty toasty

TASTE: bitter malty refreshing

Brecon Brewing

Gold Beacons

ABV 4.2

LOOK: deep golden

AROMA: honey citrus

TASTE: soft building bitterness

Brewhouse and Kitchen Cardiff

Whitchurch Boys

ABV 4.2

LOOK: golden clear creamy

AROMA: malty floral light

TASTE: light malty refreshing

Castles Brewery Ltd

White Knight

ABV 4.1

LOOK: pale golden

AROMA: fresh hops resinous

TASTE: fruity light spice banana

Clun Brewery


ABV 3.5

LOOK: pale straw clear

AROMA: fresh fruit pine

TASTE: hops malt balanced

Corvedale Brewery

Golden Dale

ABV 4.2

LOOK: deep gold

AROMA: fruity floral zesty

TASTE: sweet fruity smooth

Glamorgan Brewing Company

Welsh Pale

ABV 4.0

LOOK: brilliant gold

AROMA: pine resin grapefruit

TASTE: resinous hops grass

Gloucester Brewery


ABV 4.2

LOOK: clear amber brown

AROMA: bold spicy floral

TASTE: full-bodied fruity bitter

Grey Trees Brewery

Caradogs Bitter

ABV 3.9

LOOK: copper clear

AROMA: gentle crisp malts

TASTE: crisp dry finish

Harbwr Brewery Tenby

M.V. Enterprise

ABV 4.0

LOOK: pale gold yellow

AROMA: floral citrus grapefruit

TASTE: sweet light bitterness

Heavy Industry Brewing Ltd

Electric Mountain

ABV 3.8

LOOK: copper colour

AROMA: citrus hoppy

TASTE: bitter refreshing zesty

Hillside Brewery

Legless Cow

ABV 4.2

LOOK: deep amber

AROMA: caramel toffee pear

TASTE: caramel toasted malt fruity

Hobsons Brewery

Old Prickly

ABV 4.2

LOOK: straw pale gold

AROMA: floral citrus earthy

TASTE: hop citrus

Hop & Stagger Brewery

Shropshire Pale Ale

ABV 3.8

LOOK: pale straw

AROMA: not overpowering hop

TASTE: light hop hint

Hurns Brewing Company


ABV 4.0

LOOK: pale blonde light

AROMA: zesty citrus spice

TASTE: zesty citrus spice

Joules Brewery

Shropshire Hop

ABV 4.3

LOOK: golden

AROMA: citrus floral zesty

TASTE: fruity hoppiness grapefruit

Ludlow Brewing Co Ltd

Ludlow Gold

ABV 4.2

LOOK: golden yellow ale

AROMA: pineapple papaya lemon

TASTE: soft full bodied

Magic Dragon Brewing

ice dragon

ABV 3.8

LOOK: light golden clean

AROMA: citrus fresh slightly hoppy

TASTE: mango citrus floral

Mantle Brewery

Rock Steady

ABV 3.8

LOOK: golden

AROMA: grapefruit floral

TASTE: refreshing citrus

Mumbles Brewery Ltd

Mumbles Mile

ABV 4.1

LOOK: copper colour

AROMA: hint of grapefruit

TASTE: bitter grapefruit

North Cotswold Brewery Limited

Jumping Jack

ABV 3.9

LOOK: palest gold

AROMA: vibrant hoppy floral

TASTE: hoppy floral fruity

Prescott Ales

Hill Climb

ABV 3.8

LOOK: pale

AROMA: fruity light

TASTE: fruity refreshing

Purple Moose Brewery

Glaslyn Ale

ABV 4.2

LOOK: yellow straw

AROMA: lemon pineapple mango

TASTE: sweet tropical fruits

Rowton Brewery

Star Light

ABV 3.6

LOOK: extra pale

AROMA: floral hoppy

TASTE: light delicate

Salopian Brewery

Darwin's Origin

ABV 4.3

LOOK: golden

AROMA: spicy bitter fresh

TASTE: crisp spicy full

Severn Brewing Ltd

Copper Ale

ABV 3.8

LOOK: clear copper

AROMA: sweet malty

TASTE: malty hoppy bitter

Stonehouse Brewery Limited

Station Bitter

ABV 3.9

LOOK: deep amber

AROMA: roasted malt fruity

TASTE: full bodied balanced

Stroud Brewerys


ABV 4.0

LOOK: golden straw coloured

AROMA: apple noble malty

TASTE: sweet malty balanced

Swan Brewery

Ruffled Feathers

ABV 3.8

LOOK: amber red-tinged bright

AROMA: grapefruit malt floral

TASTE: crisp clean

Teme Valley Brewery


ABV 4.1

LOOK: chestnut

AROMA: malty spicy hops

TASTE: old fashioned

Tenby Brewing Co

Local Hero

ABV 4.3

LOOK: copper clear amber

AROMA: hops fruit zest

TASTE: malt zest bitter

Tomos a Lilford


ABV 3.6

LOOK: nut brown

AROMA: nutty

TASTE: soft fruit floral chestnut

Wood Brewery

Shropshire Lass

ABV 4.0

LOOK: straw blonde

AROMA: hint of citrus

TASTE: crisp clean citrus

Wye Valley Brewery Ltd

The Hopfather

ABV 3.9

LOOK: deep red

AROMA: malty tropical fruits

TASTE: smooth grapefruit