Ludlow Spring Festival

Barrels of Fun, Feasting, Live Music and Motors

Bewdley Brewery

Worcestershire Way

ABV 3.6

LOOK: pale clear sparkle

AROMA: earthy citrus pine

TASTE: crisp dry citrus

Brecon Brewing

Gold Beacons

ABV 4.2

LOOK: deep golden

AROMA: honey & citrus

TASTE: soft building bittterness

Brewhouse & Kitchen

Tin Man

ABV 4.2

LOOK: golden bright light

AROMA: hoppy floral herbal

TASTE: refreshing crisp hoppy

Corvedale Brewery

Golden Dale

ABV 4.2

LOOK: deep gold

AROMA: fruity floral zesty

TASTE: sweet fruity smooth

Cotswold Lion Brewery

Shepherd's Delight

ABV 3.6

LOOK: pale straw

AROMA: fresh floral citrus

TASTE: clean light refreshing

Glamorgan Brewing Co


ABV 4.0

LOOK: chestnut

AROMA: malty

TASTE: rich buttery biscuit

Gloucester Brewery


ABV 4.2

LOOK: vibrant chestnut brown

AROMA: malty floral spicy

TASTE: balanced biscuit bitter

Grey Trees Ind Craft Brewers

Drummer Boy

ABV 4.2

LOOK: amber

AROMA: fruity zesty malty

TASTE: medium dry bitter

Harbwr Brewery Tenby

M.V. Enterprise

ABV 4.0

LOOK: straw gold rich

AROMA: floral fruity malty

TASTE: spicy floral sweet

Hobsons Brewery


ABV 4.4

LOOK: ginger dijon amber

AROMA: fresh biscuit

TASTE: floral biscuit bitter

Ludlow Brewery


ABV 4.2

LOOK: golden honey yellow

AROMA: pineapple papaya lemon

TASTE: soft full-bodied creamy

Mad Dog Brewing Co

Now In A Minute

ABV 4.2

LOOK: deep red

AROMA: slight chocolate goosberry

TASTE: hint chocolate notes gooseberries pears

Magic Dragon Brewing

Border Bitter

ABV 3.8

LOOK: amber

AROMA: slightly malty

TASTE: malty smooth

Mantle Brewery


ABV 4.3

LOOK: pale

AROMA: fruity floral citrus

TASTE: dry malty citrus

Mumbles Brewery Ltd

Mumbles Mile

ABV 4.0

LOOK: copper

AROMA: grapefruit

TASTE: bitter finish

North Cotswold Brewery Ltd

Cotswold Best

ABV 4.0

LOOK: copper

AROMA: malt fruit biscuit

TASTE: malty honey fruit

Prescott Ales

Hill Climb

ABV 3.8

LOOK: light pale ale

AROMA: citrusy fruity notes

TASTE: fruity smooth

Purple Moose Brewery Ltd

Snowdonia Ale

ABV 3.6

LOOK: golden yellow

AROMA: lemon peaches hoppy

TASTE: citrus soft refreshing

Salopian Brewery

Darwins Origin

ABV 4.3

LOOK: light copper bright

AROMA: malty citrusy piney

TASTE: malty fruity orange

Severn Brewing

Copper Ale

ABV 3.8

LOOK: copper bright

AROMA: fruity subtle hopping

TASTE: smooth malty rich

Stonehouse Brewery Limited

Station Bitter

ABV 3.9

LOOK: amber

AROMA: roasted malt fruity

TASTE: malt caramel fruit

Stroud Brewery Ltd

Tom Long, Organic Amber Bitter

ABV 3.8

LOOK: amber polished

AROMA: citrus biscuity spicy

TASTE: malty citrus balanced

Swan Brewery

Swan Gold

ABV 4.0

LOOK: golden

AROMA: earthy tropical floral

TASTE: refreshing characterful

Teme Valley Brewery


ABV 4.1

LOOK: chestnut

AROMA: hoppy

TASTE: nutty malty balanced

The Hop Shed

Sultan Gold

ABV 4.2

LOOK: rich golden

AROMA: malty fruity balanced

TASTE: smooth gentle apricot

Tomos & Lilford

Wright's Best Bitter

ABV 4.3

LOOK: relish brown

AROMA: tangerine citrus

TASTE: citrus fruity

Tudor brewery


ABV 4.2

LOOK: clean amber

AROMA: hoppy fruity

TASTE: malty chocolate biscuity

Wye Valley Brewery Ltd


ABV 4.0

LOOK: pale straw colour

AROMA: citrus lemon zest

TASTE: zesty citrus fruit



A chef doing a demonstration

13th, 14th & 15th
September 2019

Inside Ludlow Castle with more than 180 local food and drink producers and suppliers: real food, ale, cider, perry, wine and more from the Marches, with samples and tastings.

A musician playing at ludlow spring festival

11th & 12th
May 2019

Meet the Brewer -
Friday Evening 10th May 2019.
5pm - 9pm

Beer, Bangers, Bread & Classic Cars
Like a Beer Festival but Better

Happy walkers following the mangalonga walk

Sunday 11th
August 2019

Inside Ludlow Castle with more than 180 local food and drink producers and suppliers: real food, ale, cider, perry, wine and more from the Marches, with samples and tastings.